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early morning mist


                                                                              I love this season of the year... so mysterious!
                                                                              Wish you a wonderful weekend- enjoy it!

                                                                              Ich liebe diese Jahreszeit... sie ist geheimnisvoll!
                                                                              Ein wunderschönes Wochenende!

                                                                             sweater: olsen
                                                                             leather shorts: h&m
                                                                             hat: h&m
                                                                             tights: falke
                                                                             boots: graceland
                                                                             bag: kipling camera bag
                                                                             polish: p2, no. 208 rich&royal
                                                                             necklace: made by me, DIY (here


Ka$h! *11:12 vorm.*

Wow, you look so gorgeous! i love love your sweater! and i actually really love fog too, and the frost! the picture of the tree in the fog is amazing! as you said, so mysterious! :)
XOXO Kasia

FashionFreak/Mihaela *11:16 vorm.*

omg beautiful!

my blog♥mfashionfreak

SHOP STYLE CONQUER *11:31 vorm.*

wow these photos are totally STUNNING! i love love love your outfit its amazing! the hat and the necklace and that little cute bag are so ah-dorable and work so well together! you have such great style!



Maiken *12:19 nachm.*

those are definitely my favourite photos of you, and the nature shots as well. everything looks so peaceful and calm and the mist is beautiful! what a great job, dear :)

Maikeni blogi - part of me

a story about M *12:23 nachm.*

beautiful <3 love the first photo! :)

fairandbeautiful. *12:23 nachm.*

you looks so great.
i love your blog and your outfits.
come and see my Blog, I have a new outfit online and the new h&m collection.

kathi *12:37 nachm.*

Voll schöne Stimmung! Wären auch einige hübsche winterliche Header-Fotos dabei :-) Soll jetz nicht heißen, dass du deinen Header änder sollst, aber is mir nur so aufgefallen, dass die sich gut eignen würden!

bonjour.....JR *12:58 nachm.*

thank u dear for your comment!i'm following u back.
your blog is really cool too!this look is what i like.hat is perfect,biker boots (i already love them),sweater...and pics is wow!

Elisa *1:17 nachm.*

stunning pictures!


Liz *1:17 nachm.*

Klar verfolge ich dich ! Danke für deinen Kommi! Und: du hast recht, der Nebel gepaart mit den "entkleideten" Baumästen hat wirklich was mysteriöses aber gleichzeitig was wunderschönes ! Schöne Grüße, Liz


Girls just wanna have..style! *1:22 nachm.*

I'm in love with this post!The pics are amazing and you look so cool! Love it!


Stylissimo *1:23 nachm.*

Hi, very nice blog :)
I just found it

Wanna see Tbilisi Fashion Week?

Visit me also please


kati *1:35 nachm.*

Wow das sind wirklich wundervolle Bilder ♥
Liebste Grüße an dich, Kati ♥

Constanze *1:56 nachm.*

Tolle Bilder, der Herbst kann wirklich auch eindrucksvoll sein... ;)
Schönes erstes Adventswochenende!

just me *2:16 nachm.*

absolutely amzing pictures, place, you, everything...have a nice weekend :)


AngeliqueDama *2:20 nachm.*

Wonderful pictures! Love the mist:)
The horses are so beautiful!

Feel your heart beat! *2:22 nachm.*

Theresa *2:23 nachm.*

These photos have a special light, a good idea to get different images in the fog...

Kisses from el Bazar de Theresa¡¡

Veronica Popoiacu *2:25 nachm.*

i ADORE this photo shoot! For sure my favorite , everything it look so great and you my dear ,you look fantastic with that hat ! very nice !


vanda *2:49 nachm.*

I agree with Veronica P. You look FANTASTIC with that lovely hat, and indeed one of your best looks! This kind of look is ideal for you!
I will try to post today or tomorrow! Have a wonderful weekend my dear♥!!!!

PureMorning *2:51 nachm.*

Great photos :))

Adele *3:02 nachm.*

Such stunning photos & I love your outfit Maren - perfect!
Happy weekend xoxo

Gogo Garantzioti *3:10 nachm.*

wow!great pics!love them!

cabelos e moda... *3:16 nachm.*

hi I'm following you if possible follow me back?? bjksssss
I hope for their loved visiting your blog ...


Femme Virtue *3:22 nachm.*

gorgeous pictures, the lighting is so beautiful!

keep in touch with fashion *3:23 nachm.*

your photo are amazing and your look is always trendy!
nice blog!! I really enjoyed this post!
New outfit post on my blog: I'm waiting for your comment!
Take a look and if you like follow me, http://keepintouchwithfashion.blogspot.com/
have a wonderful day

Castles Crowns and Cottages *3:38 nachm.*

Liebe Maren Anita,

You have given this 53 year old woman HOPE in wearing shorts again!!!! I CAN WEAR THEM WITH TIGHTS and no one will see my imperfections!!!!!! I have good shape to my dancer legs but the CELLULITE!!!! This is brilliant. I just adore your photos and those horses.....ohhh, my favorite creature on the planet.

PEACE! Anita

Tea *3:49 nachm.*

Thank you for your sweet comment. I´m following you back :)

Link for shoes (it´s not real leather):

Have a nice day:

Sabrina *3:51 nachm.*

beautiful pics!!!!

Annanikabu *4:15 nachm.*

Oh, die Bilder sind sooo wunderbar!
Du bist so hübsch und dein Outfit gefällt mir auch total!!
Schick, schick! :-)

Ich wünsche dir ein schönes Wochenende!
Liebste Grüße

Vale *4:20 nachm.*

amazing pics!!!!!!!!kiss


guess? anja. *5:10 nachm.*

and again, that beautiful necklace :D i'm in love with it¨!!!! :DD <3

Emanuel I. *6:01 nachm.*

Congrats for the necklace...Is awesome!
Perfect matched outfit!
Regards from RO!

Juhlihannah *6:02 nachm.*

Hello! I really LOVE your blog!
So nice pictures :) I´m Follow them and i hope you follow my to, if you can! Kissies to Brazil :*


samira *6:11 nachm.*

Sehr Lieb von dir, :)
Ich mag deinen Header und deine Bilder sehr gerne.
Du hast jetzt auch eine Leserin mehr.
Dir auch ein schönes Wochenende und Liebe grüße.♥

TiasaurausRex *6:23 nachm.*

thanks for commenting on my blog! i really do like your blog to, i am Following you now :]
be sure to visit soon! and if you really like my pictures like my page on facebook ;)
btw you look so stinkin cute! i love what you did with that whole outfit.. im sure if i wore somthing like that i wouldnt have pulled it off as well has u have :] i love your hair! and the hat :] well done!

Rena *6:25 nachm.*

dein outfit sieht so toll aus :)

she's electric *6:39 nachm.*

danke nochmal für das liebe kompliment! :)
das sind echt tolle fotos, so mystisch mit dem leicht nebligen. dein outfit finde ich sehr gelungen, vor allem die farben von pulli, hut und kette zusammen!

@MAKEPOPULAR *7:06 nachm.*

ja estou seguindo
me ajuda e me segue tb...


estamos fazendo seleção para blogs parceiros até 28-11

Alba *7:10 nachm.*

I love this pictures!!! They are so nice and sweet :)



Hilal *7:22 nachm.*

saaau schönes Outfit! :)Der Pulli gefällt mir auch seehr! Und schöne Fotos :)

Liebe Grüße :)

Rochelle's Closet *7:29 nachm.*

lovely photos, and amazing outfit ;-)


la vie quotidienne *7:38 nachm.*

Liebe pics Maren Anita. Tolle look.

Ich folge

XOXO aus München

La Vie Quotidienne


karo *7:42 nachm.*

das sind echt tolle & grandiose Bilder liebes ;)
liebe grüße & einen schönen Freitagabend :)

Fabrizia *7:49 nachm.*

Nice post, I like it so much! And I like your sense of style!!

Fox House giveaway on my blog!
Take a look and if you like follow me, I’ll be waiting for you: Cosa mi metto???

Hanna *7:56 nachm.*

ich liebe den post, ist das foto aktuell?

fashion meets art *8:02 nachm.*

gestern morgen :)

Olivia Elisa *8:35 nachm.*

great outfitt :)
I have to get myself a hat like that!


Carla McCarthy *8:59 nachm.*

Thanks for your sweet words! I'm definetly following you! i love the idea of nature which you combined super well with the outfit! The earth tones was so vibrant!beijoss


jani *10:11 nachm.*

tolle bilder! aber hast du nicht gefroren mit dem outfit? ich friere die letzten tage schon total.. trotz winterjacke, schaal, handschuhe, mütze uuuund so weiter :D aber die bilder haben echt was. der nebel verleiht den bildern etwas ganz besonderes! :)

lg & ein tolles wochenende♥

samecookiesdifferent *10:13 nachm.*

the choice of pics are amzing darling!
X the cookies <3


dimitri *10:28 nachm.*

These photos are absolutely beautiful.
Love your outfit, everything goes together so well. You look very stylish.

Hilke *10:45 nachm.*

schöne Fotos :)
sind gut gelungen

Cheeky Chic *11:48 nachm.*

wow this was such a beautiful background. u are looking such a muse.loving ur bag
following u

Beatriz Marinho *12:19 vorm.*

Amei o blog,lindo e bem escrito!
Começei o meu agora e gostaria que voce desse uma olhadinha la.
Que vem com dicas,dietas,maquiagem,cabelo,etc...E ainda essa semana vem um sorteio muito bom.



Mary *12:30 vorm.*

Love your style!!

I´m follow you, follow me back!!
Beijos ***

Bojana *12:49 vorm.*


Gavriela *1:04 vorm.*

many thanks for the lovely comment and following on my blog darling.
loved yours too, and followed of course!
nice styling as well, and cool hat.
cheers x

My 2 Pesos *1:15 vorm.*

Cute outfit. (: Facebook Twitter

N. *3:51 vorm.*

Great stile. I love morning :)

Golden Cheer Grahams *5:59 vorm.*

so nices pictures
I'm jealous ! :D

anna *6:16 vorm.*

wow!! die bilder sehen wunderschön aus. ich liebe deine stiefel!!
& dein header ist so toll!!



CutestPrincess *7:04 vorm.*

i like your sweater! and your background is so nice! i want to see a snow!

It’s a GIRL Thing

Remmy *8:30 vorm.*

Stunning pictures,u are very beautiful:)


ranzuki - [TrendFreeak] *12:24 nachm.*

Ohh what a beautiful pictures!!! I love them!! :D
And nice outfit too!
Thanks for your comment sweetie!!

Greta Miliani *12:39 nachm.*

Love your hat :)


Mandy *2:55 nachm.*

wunderschöne Fotos! Die Farben sind sehr angenehm und ich liebe dein Outfit! :)

Joanne *3:19 nachm.*

Love the pics :D


Antonia-Ivana *3:26 nachm.*

Die Bilder sind klasse, die haben beinahe etwas Editorial-mäßiges. Auf den Bildern gefällt mir das jetzige Wetter, ansonsten überhaupt nicht. Vor allem Nebel ist nervig, wenn man Auto fährt..


Candypop *4:14 nachm.*

AMAZING !!! I love the foggy photos! And you look great :D


Fictitious Fashion *7:19 nachm.*

Love the hat and ur accessories.. ur tights too :)
Early morning.. woww...
n how r u girl? No seeing? :D

Maybe you have time to see my First DIY-fish tail braid :)


lidzia007 *9:24 nachm.*

Du gut aussehen, und Deine Fotos sind sehr gut :)))

samecookiesdifferent *10:33 nachm.*

wundervolle fotos- richtig toll!
xx the cookies
share the feeling
visit <3

KRISTINA *12:29 vorm.*

Very nice photos!Your look is great and so warm!

Fashion, Art and other fancies *5:40 vorm.*

That's a comfortable looking and cosy jumper. Looks good on you especially along with the hat.
Have a nice weekend;-)

Reese *5:47 vorm.*

I love your style and these pictures are beautiful!


le_vert *11:34 vorm.*

I just stumbled across your blog & I love this post. Your knitted jumper is gorgeous and looks beautiful with the bronze accessories. Please have a look at my blog- we could follow each other?

Sophie xx


Sammie *11:59 vorm.*

you look fabulous :)
wasn't it too cold in the fields ? because it looks sooooo cold :)


cocobloggers *12:31 nachm.*

amazing pics...the atmosphere and your outfit really match!!


Confessions of a Psycho Cat *1:52 nachm.*

I can't belive how perfect this pictures are :))

DailyPauline *10:25 nachm.*

I love your hat and your short ! So beautiful.


Nathalie *10:42 nachm.*

stimmt :)

aber deine sehen besser aus hihi

sind die aktuell?


Fashion, Passion, Love ♥

Kasia *1:27 vorm.*

Great outfit!
You look so pretty!

TheFashionEveryDay *11:03 vorm.*

merci pour ton commentaire sur mon blog ainsi que pour ton passage , je deviens aussi membre de ton blog , très joli blog au passage :) kises!

Nadineee *12:06 nachm.*

Ich liebe deine Fotos. Wunderschön.
Dein Outfit und die Kette sind wunderschön und passen einfach super zu den Bildern :)

vio *12:56 nachm.*

danke für deinen lieben kommentar!
die bilder sind klasse! :)

Bree *12:59 nachm.*

Thank you for your comment!
The pictures have a mysterious vibe, indeed.


fashion meets art *3:15 nachm.*

thank you so much! :*

Nicole *3:23 nachm.*

Hi danke für deinen lieben Kommentar! Schöner Blog, tolle Bilder! Hast auch eine Neue Leserin!

little baunilha *6:38 nachm.*

oh thank you for your lovely comment, you are so GORGEOUS, I like so much your smile and your style. Of course I follow you too, lot of kisses from Paris <3

Aleksandra *7:04 nachm.*

amazing photos, and I lov your outfit :)

Anne- Charlotte *9:05 nachm.*

How beautiful those images are and how beautiful is your blog! Of course I will follow it. It was a chance that you found us! :)


SeizeTheVintage *3:31 vorm.*

The necklaces you make are so lovely! I really like your bag too!

fashion meets art *8:07 vorm.*

it means so much for me- thank you!!!

Le Chic World *4:31 nachm.*

STUNNING!!! The colours, outfit and scenery. What effect did you use on your photos? It really suits the mood!!

Lotustraum *5:28 nachm.*

wirklich wunderschöne aufnahmen ! :)

fashion meets art *6:03 nachm.*

thank you! i use a little bit of the vintage effect :) but nothing more.

Balazs Iosif *12:32 nachm.*

Hi Anita,

Who made the photos? A couple of them are really beautiful!
Great Job!

fashion meets art *11:48 vorm.*

my lovely girlfriend nadine k. :) thank you!

özge bayrak *3:43 nachm.*

amazing blog! love this pis as the others. and also nice outfits...
i am your new follower.
have a wonderful day!

DIVYA! *12:47 vorm.*

gefällt mir!

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